The Separator

Eco Metals Recovery's patent pending Separator technology is here to ignite the potential for a 100% net increase in gold mining profits in a completely environmentally friendly way

eco metals recovery separator chemical free

Chemical Free

environmentally safe, chemical free system that uses only water

eco metals recovery separator adaptable


hard rock or alluvial, a scaleable , easily replaceable, patented “lego” type design

eco metals recovery separator efficient


100 % potential increase on net profit delivering a 5%+ higher capture rate from the same processed material

eco metals recovery separator robust


cutting edge, polymer based, cost effective, light weight aerospace material

eco metals recovery separator specialized


rugged, heavy duty; ready for “real world” mining

eco metals recovery separator artificial intelligence

A.I. Extension

certifiable green gold, predictive analytics,data point steering


Changing the game
by bringing together
the best in the biz

Focal Point Licensing

F.P. Franchising and Licensing specializes in global licensing bringing unique concepts and ideas to the global market place. A consummate industry leader with exceptional skill at selecting key concepts and ideas that create spectacular results through people, passion, vision, and strategy

AIP Invest

AIP is an international service, advisory and investment firm focused on the global commodities sector. AIP provides a competitive range of outsourced and flexible services that includes business development, principal investment, capital introduction, company incubation and acceleration, deal screening, research and business support, and accessing human capital.

IGUS Group Engineering

Since 2002, IGUS Group has been providing technical solutions for the mining industry with a focus on innovative products and specially developed technical plastics.  One of IGUS Groups specialties is the development of Polymer based technologies using top  German, Austrian and other European partners to bring their products to life.

White & Case Legal

White & Case is an International Law firm that serves companies, governments and financial institutions. As a global law firm they are uniquely placed to resolve the most complex legal challenges. Rebecca Campbell representing ECO Metals recovery brings her knowledge and experience with a broad range of transactions across the mining & metals sector globally, regularly taking the lead on financing, M&A/corporate, project development and restructuring transactions, as well as operational improvement and best practice projects for corporate clients. Rebecca is known for her unparalleled knowledge of the commercial, technical and political aspects of the mining and metals sector

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